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It is one thing to produce goods and services, but quite another to push them to the markets with the aim of reaching the consumer. We, at Beaton investments Limited are not only conscious of this need, but have taken practical steps to assist producers to ensure the consumption and acceptance of their goods and services via

Public Relations

If there is anything that inhibits a company from achieving its marketing objectives, it is a poor management of its external public. A company that has a good Public Relations image will not find it difficult to market its goods and services. It is in this regard that Beaton Investments Limited has undertaking the provision of these valuable services to clients in need. With a well-equipped and staffed Public Relations unit, your image will boom bigger and sales will rise.

Market Research/ sampling

A company with excellent Public Relations but lacking in market research/sampling might find itself disadvantaged. Reason? Sampling and market research are tools implored to ensure and gauge the acceptability of the products or services. For Beaton Investments Limited, this is an area that is handled by our core of talented professionals. None has ever come to us and regretted it.

Seminar and Trade Fairs

Creating awareness on the existence of a product or service is good; sustaining that awareness is better. That is why Beaton Investments Limited undertakes the organization of Seminars and trade fairs for companies to keep their products and services aglow in the minds of their customers.

Arranging meeting between Producers and Marketers

Although trade fairs and seminars assist greatly in bringing producers and marketers together, Beaton investments Limited are also aware of what informal meetings between these two important links of the consumption theory can positively wrought for the industry. We arrange for the Producers to know and meet with major marketers and guide them to the producers of the goods they require.

Data Collection

No matter how much sales you record, if you do not have an accurate and reliable data of your activities, you will find it difficult to evaluate your performance. Beaton Investments Limited will help you to monitor your progress and present you with a moving data that will always serve as an index of your business.

Commissioned Agents/Representative.

Since it may not be prudent enough for a producer to rely wholly on distributors, Beaton Investments Limited being dynamic and result oriented organization serves as Representatives and commissioned agents for willing producers. As people versed in the work of commerce, we are the undisputed leader in this versatile business.

Overseas Companies Formation/Registration:

You no longer need to go abroad or be resident there to register or incorporate your business whether alone or in partnership with foreigners. Get in touch with Beaton Investments Limited and tell us what you want done including registered office address and in a matter of weeks, your registered overseas office is ready for business. We also handle full secretarial service and advise on opening of foreign bank account.

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